Main areas of Technical Office operations in Germany:

I. Renovation and modernization works on boilers and FGT in Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and Switzerland
– Prefabrication and assembly of steel structures and pipelines (potentially as EPC)
– Installation partner for the boiler area and FGT
II. Maintenance shutdowns
– a qualified and unskilled workforce for the renovation of grates and boilers in Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and Switzerland
– Grate repairs
– Service work on boilers
III. LOT projects in Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and Switzerland

Our offer:

  • On average, in recent months, 120 employees in Germany / Netherlands are employed on our service and modernization projects. This number can be increased to 460 people as needed.
  • We employ welders of all welding categories (MIG, MAG, TIG etc.)
  • We employ welders for mirror welding
  • We offer preparation and prefabrication works for the needs of renovation, maintenance and modernization services
  • We provide both regular orders and organize small (3-4 persons) brigades for intervention tasks
  • We provide employees with language courses to improve on-site communication
  • Most of our foremen know German
  • Managerial staff speak German – most of them permanently reside at construction sites and in plants where works are carried out in Germany
  • We are ready to carry out works in Switzerland and Benelux
  • We have tool warehouse facilities in Germany
  • Works can be carried out in three shifts
  • We ensure optimal rotation of employees on construction sites
  • Thanks to experienced and competent staff, we undertake unusual and complicated tasks that distinguish us from other companies on the market