The main areas of operation of Technical Office in Germany, the Benelux countries, France, and Scandinavia:

  1. Service works, ongoing maintenance, repairs, and upgrades at Power Plants, Refineries, Waste Incinerators, and other industrial facilities:
  • prefabrication and installation of steel structures and pipelines,
  • installation partner for any scope of steel construction, ductwork, equipment, apparatus, and boiler scope,
  • upgrades of coal mills.
  1. Overhaul shutdowns – skilled production staff for overhauls, burner upgrades, grate replacement, and boiler pressure parts:
  • installation of steel bridge structures – activities include unloading of steel structures, assembly of components, welding, and installation of bridge components in the final position,
  • installation and upgrades of boiler pressure parts along with piping.

Our offer:

  • On average, we employ 120 workers in Germany / the Netherlands for our service and maintenance projects. This number can be increased to 200 – 250 depending on the requirements.
  • We have qualified and certified personnel in welding processes 111 / MMA, 135 and 136 / MAG, and 141 / TIG.
  • We offer the execution of preparatory and prefabrication works for repair, service, and modernization services.
  • We also provide deliveries of steel structures or pipelines, ductwork.
  • We provide services for the installation of steel bridges – including assembly, welding, and final assembly of the structure of the bridge.
  • We provide both services under permanent maintenance contracts and organize crews for emergency or shutdown tasks.
  • Our management staff is proficient in German and/or English.
  • The vast majority of our foremen speak German.
  • In Germany, we have a base of tool containers.
  • Thanks to experienced, competent staff and a wide range of tools, we undertake non-standard and complex tasks that distinguish us from the competition.

Contact us:

Tomasz Dolipski

Director of Export Services Office

tel. +49 2064 470 99 44

tel. +48 728 449 468

tel. +48 (32) 62 10 821