Integrated Management System Certificates

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ISO 14001:2015

Certificate ISO 45001:2018

Certificate SCC**:2011

Other certificates

Certificate ISO 3834-2 Merkblatt AD200 z TUV SUD

System of Transferiing the Marking of Materials

Certificate ZKP 2451-CPR-EN1090-2014.0717.004

Certificate WKS Kedzierzyn DVS ZERT-EN1090-2-SZ-2014.0029.003

Certificate WKS Częstochowa DVS ZERT-EN1090-2-SZ-2014.0030.003

Qualification Certificate of the Research Institute of Roads and Bridges for the manufacture, renovation and assembly of steel bridge constructions

Certificate WHG

Certificate UDT PN EN 3834-2

Certificate TDT PN EN 3834-2

Welding of railway vehicles and components

Decision to manufacture (including manufacturing in the field of assembly, modernization, repair) of cableways and ski-lifts, as well as manufacturing and components for maintaining the technical conditio

Decision – boilers repairs UC 07-101-N 1-19

Decision – boilers modernization UC-07-101-P 1-19