MZRP Nominated in the Prestigious VGBE Awards! ✨👏

Today, we want ot share with you a great news! We have been nominated by our Client for the prestigious vgbe Awards – project in Heilbronn, Germany.

The vgbe Awards is a competition dedicated to the energy industry and companies executing projects related to the storage of electricity and heat. The awards include all technologies for the generation and storage of electricity and heat in all project phases: new build, operation, refurbishment, maintenance, decommissioning/dismantling and retrofit. The competition covers all technologies and project phases. Awards are given in 3 categories:

🔍 Quality,
👷‍♂️ Occupational health and safety,
📚 Research and development.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated in the ‘Quality’ category!

The vgbe Quality Award aims to raise awareness in the industry about the commercial importance of quality and serves as a recognition for companies that have demonstrated exceptional attention to detail in the implementation of their products and services.

We are grateful for this recognition and eagerly await the competition results, which will be announced in the first half of September.

Taking this opportunity, we also extend our gratitude and appreciation to our employees, whose diligent work and careful efforts bring about the desired results!