Progress on works at ZUSOK in Warsaw!

About 70% of the supporting structure for new boilers (lines K2 and K3) has already been completed!

The work in progress includes elements such as: installation of side walls, surface preparation for insulation, sidewalk caps, railings and drainage installation. In the spring, we will lay the anti-icing installation.

After the expansion and modernization of the Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Plant in Warsaw’s Targówek district, over 300,000 sq tonnes of mixed waste will be ecologically developed.

Detailed information and updated photos from the various stages of implementation are available at: POSCO E&C (Oddział w Polsce). We also encourage you to follow other works carried out by MZRP S.A. posted on LinkedIn.

We would like to thank the entire crew and all staff of MZRP S.A. involved in the project for the safe and effective work so far!

Fot. POSCO E&C Oddział w Polsce