The most important element of our activity is the Project implementation. Project management at the highest level requires continuous improvement of the managerial staff, therefore in 2018 we launched the “Good to Great” programme at the MZ Capital Group aimed at improving expertise and knowledge of the best Project Managers and employees of other organizational units of companies participating in the programme, outstanding against the background of the group. The programme includes six modules of expertise:

  1. Independence – decisiveness, creativity, initiative, goal orientation, commitment, self-motivation, self-control, ethics, time and scope management, planning,
  2. Interpersonal skills – leadership, communication, team building, assertiveness, openness, team motivation,
  3. Negotiation skills – internal / external stakeholders, credibility, consultation,
  4. Finances
  5. Law
  6. Organizational Orientation – participation in internal projects / programmes related to the development of the organization of the GK MZ S.A.

Seminars and workshops in particular modules are prepared and conducted by experts of individual GK MZ Companies operating in the areas covered by the programme. The culmination of the programme will be the internal certification of participants confirming their professional preparation for Project management.

32 distinguished employees participate in the first edition of “Good to Great”, which will end in December this year. Next year, we expect another, equally successful, managerial selection for the next edition of the programme.