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Rebuilding polyethylene installation at Unipetrol in the Czech Republic


Mostostal Zabrze Realizacje Przemysłowe S.A. currently participating in the reconstruction of the plant Unipetrol in the Czech Republic, where the summer of 2015 years there was a big fire.

- Scope MZRP includes the delivery and assembly of steel structure of four furnaces, which are part of the installation of polyethylene - explains Jarosław Pietrzyk, president MZRP SA

- Due to the short turnaround time, assembly work started already during the dismantling of the damaged installation. In the square near the target location mounted steel structure, which is pendent on new installation.

Currently, construction is at the stage of transportation and installation modules have already made new foundations. Transport is implemented in two specialized platforms SPMT, designed to carry heavy construction. The heaviest and transported already mounted modules weighed about 390 tons. The vertical transport system components is accomplished specialist Terex crawler crane with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 500 tons, and it also shows the scale of the challenge.

- Work is carried out at the request of the Dutch company Technip, which is the general contractor of the project - said the president Pietrzyk.

The Company participates in setting three bridges and also renovates a huge furnace. We work on the construction of the railway liaisons Kraków Zabłocie - Kraków Krzemionki.

- We obtained a recent order for the modernization of a urea plant ZAK SA, we will also pursue work on the project EFRA in Lotos Gdańsk - says the president Pietrzyk.

In May, he began a renovation of Blast Furnace No. 5 in Steelworks Mittal Arcelor in Krakow, where MZRP also has a lot of work, and the contract should be completed in the summer.

In total order book MZRP already has about 170 million, but estimates the president, at least for this year is the amount of 200 million zł.

- That is why we constantly work on obtaining new contracts - emphasizes Pietrzyk.

Recall that MZRP is also famous for building construction rigs. In this year of the order, however, it is more difficult, because the drop in oil prices translated into a sector exploration. Several projects even stopped.